Event Marketing and Promotion Services

Marketing and promotions are an integral piece of any public event, be it booking concerts, booking festivals or even booking clubs. Marketing and promotions is the driving force that persuades potential attendees to come your event and motivate them to pay to see the acts performing.

It is essential to properly plan marketing and promotions to ensure that the top talent booked is properly advertised to all the right potential fans in your demographic. Marketing and promotions does not always require months and months of work. With the right team, any artist can be properly promoted from within 10 days to 3 months of the event. Often its best to focus all promotion within 30 days of events as this is the time frame that most people make decisions on what they will do and what entertainment they will consume in the following 2-4 weeks.

S S Booking Agency has well over 6 years experience in the pubic concert entertainment booking business and can help provide the tools, services and consulting to insure that your event is properly promoted. One of these tools, which has been enclosed below, is a marketing plan which you can use to help guide all the details of your marketing campaign. Having the right marketing campaign will help push the booking of any artist, musician, celebrity or speaker to the right fans and lead to a successful event that will only lead to more success in the future. Whether you are looking to use the internet, radio, print, or television, S S Booking Agency can consult on your marketing & promotion needs to help you get the best possible deals in your local market – throughout the world.

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