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S S Booking Agency books concerts, speakers, events, and more, at College Campuses throughout North America.

College concerts, and booking the talent, is an age-old tradition and thought to be one of the best ways to bring the student body together. As college students are so in tune with the music and the pop celebrity scene, this is also a great way for promoters and event planners to bring the students at a single, or more than one, university together. Because the students are so in tune, it is very important to find the most cutting edge, popular musicians, celebrities, and talent that fit best for a particular student body. College concerts are also a great way for Universities to expose their school to the surrounding area for potential future students.

The process of booking a college concert booking and the talent always starts with an inquiry which gives the entertainment agent an idea of your event style, budget, dates, and other key info that entertainment agents need to find you the best artist for your event booking. In addition to working on artists, S S Booking Agency can help Universities with the production elements related to booking college concerts booking as well, including marketing, promotion, and other college concert logistics. Once the main inquiry for the college concert booking or college event booking is sorted out, the next step is an official offer for talent which will be discussed before presenting to the artists. Upon the artists’ acceptance of the official booking offer, contracts are issued and deposits are scheduled for payment. While the steps may appear simple, the details within each step can be very complex and must be handled with the most delicate care to insure all sides of the negotiation are happy, respected, and properly represented.

Because entertainment is so important to the college audiences, it is nearly impossible to put together a successful show if the right elements are not in place, with regard to talent booking and college concert production. In addition, it is important not only to pick the best talent for particular student body, but also to make sure the artists are credible and easy to work to so they won’t make the process of putting on a college concert even more difficult than it needs to be . A company like S S Booking Agency is an expert at all of this and can assure that the college, its program board and the artists are completely satisfied with the final result and presentation of the final college concert.

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