Linen King’s New Song

“Shake Dat”


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shake dat

With the music industry over saturated with rap artist these days, one would wonder how you can stand out amongst the rest, to be great. 

Introducing to you, Linen King. The name that compliments him very well being that he owns nothing but Linen clothing. It is also an acronym meaning “luxury is a never ending necessity.” He is the CEO, owner, and artist of Gamestar Entertainment LLC. He is coming to you from Albany, Atlanta, and Miami.

Linen King started his career about a decade ago under his alter ego, Shakim Shabazz.  He was strongly influenced by: YellowMan(A legendary Reggae Artist), Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, Tupac, Ice Cube and Nas. All of these artists played a major role with Linen King’s music career by offering different styles of music which made him decide to have a different style than today’s rappers have. Master P. was one of his great influencers on running his own label and being independent.  He went to every open mic there was from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida searching for his niche. While doing so, Linen King was able to get any and every crowd to gravitate towards him whether they knew who he was or not. 

Meanwhile when rap was slow, money still had to be made to live. With that daily mindset and goal, Linen King took the show on the road, the street life hustle that is. This is a journey that many don’t survive. 

“Dealing with real life and having a passion for music and different performances, I had to find the fine line that complimented them both” Says Linen King or King Linen, as he often boasts. 

He has been the “go-to” guy in the South for many opening acts for several different concerts with some of the hottest artists out. This includes: T.I, Keyshia Cole, Migos, Blac Youngsta, and Young Jeezy with plenty of more to come. 

Rap Music has always played a major role in his life. From 2016-2017, Linen King has received twelve Independent Music Awards, ranging from best song, to best artist, to best collaborate, and best radio hit. With every beat it pushed him to go harder and with every word he spit, it made him become stronger.


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