jEWELZ brings sounds of international flair, reflecting the core heart of hip hop both lyrically and melodically.  With his unique style and originality wihere he displayed this , with his first single “Skankin On Da Block” currently making it’s  way across the internet and social media platforms.  jEWELZ has just released his new single “Wha Gwan”, which dropped this summer, while currently in the studio working on his up and coming EP.

A finalist at the So You Think You Can Rap Canada competition and highly requested he has  performanced at the Gladstone hotel,  Culture Shock 2016,  Metrolinx, Comfort Zone and Silver Dollar Room for The Canadian Music Week.  He took the opener at the Stomp Competition, held at the Sony Arts Centre and had the whole crowd of young kids singing Skankin On Da Block.  He recently performed at Youth Day held at  Dundas Square and Culture Shock Festival bring his high energy level talent and personality for all to enjoy.  

jEWElZ will be performing at TDOT FEST 2017 and is ready to showcase his new single “Wha Gwan” and  “Skankin On Da Block”,  his first single which has created a  hip hop dance buzz, in Toronto; making everyone dance.  jEWELZ has charged number one on Carib 101 Radio in constant rotation and currently was requested for interview at Maximum FM where they also have the song on heavy rotation.  He’s been on Legacy Radio for interviews and intimate conversation.   He will be a featured guest on 89.5 Bring Your EH Game and Vibe 105 Rebel Vibez in September.

jEWELZ is a natural performer with a comedic charisma about him drawing people to his energy.  jEWELZ has recently signed a commercial opportunities and sponsorship deal with FAME Supply Co, providing all of jEWLEZ attire.   
jEWELZ and his management team have been working none stop, since March of 2016 and this young, “Energy GOD” as his team calls him has not stopped performing and being requested for performances back to back  since then, creating the buzz and increasing his fan base.   

The year for this young Energy GOD is already making progress and he continues to work hard making his way as a new emerging Toronto artist.  

wha gwan


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