Before Torch became the artiste that he is today, a variety of different events occurred in his life, propelling him to make adjustments and develop into a resilient, ambitious, hard-working and extremely talented individual. Growing up in the rough streets of Trench Town, Torch went against the grain and focused on school in order to make a good life for himself. He explored his love for music by joining his school choir and then becoming a member of the Little People and Teen Players Club. This allowed him to express his creativity, hone his talents and learn the dynamics of voice and performance. Just as he had begun to blossom as an individual and a performer, his mother passed away while he was still attending Camperdown High School. Torch switched to survival mode. His extreme sense of responsibility drove him to temporarily sacrifice his education and his passion for music to seek a job so that he could help himself and his seven other siblings to make ends meet.

Torch struggled to resist the call of music, but before long, the call became too ‘deafening’. He relented in 1997, taking a job as a studio engineer at Black Roots Studio where he could feed his need for music while still earning an income. It was while working at the studio that Torch received the encouragement from his peers that pushed him to embark on his musical journey as an artiste. In September 2003, while going by the name Honey Cone, the young artiste was introduced to Donovan Germain of Penthouse Recording Studio. And, it was around that same time, that Tony Rebel dubbed him with his current moniker Torch. It was not long after that he scored hits with ‘Quality Time’, ‘So Let It Be’ and ‘Fire Burning’ (which became the show opener for Fire Links).

In 2005, Torch began touring with Reggae star Buju Banton. “The experience was wonderful” because it took him to a lot of places, placed him on a lot of shows in Barbados, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. In the U.S. he has done shows in Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and New York. The biggest venues were Reggae on the Hills in Barbados and Madison Square Gardens in New York”, says Torch. This is in addition to the many local shows including Rebel Salute, Reggae by the River Marcus Garvey Tribute, Reggae Explosion and Bob Marley Birthday Celebration.

Torch, has worked with several producers besides Donovan Germain and Tony Rebel and names Mario ‘Mad Scientist’ Lawrence, ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon, Fifth Element Records, One Blood Productions, Gargamel Music, Silly Walks (Germany), and Yaad House (Australia) among them. He also names Luciano, Buju Banton, Sizzla and Beres Hammond as other artistes who have had significant influence on him.

Torch decided to hit the studio’s and pursue a solo career that means he would have to give up following Buju Banton around, he entered JCDC Jamaica Popular Song Competition in 2007 where he came forth with the song (Learn to Survive) which was such so popular he was asked by the Prime minister to sing at the Kings House the special guest appearance that the winner of the competition should have made, from there the artist saw that great things could happen if he applied himself and focus more by the year 2010 Torch parted ways with the Penthouse gang and decided to go out on his own basically building his own brand.
It wasn’t an easy road as his mentor sang, as he struggled to get things together and one day he came across an email which he responded to it was the break he was looking for in the form of Silly Walks Discotheque. He started working with them as they had a plan to establish not just his music but the Artist himself. Hence Torch Evaburninflame aka Mr Good Reggae Music was born and in 2013 they release the hit single Good reggae music.

Now the journey began as the career that Torch was dreaming about and has been working on for 13 years started to take form. He then linked up with Hakan from YAAD ART prod and Malte Eckert from MSA Booking Agency in Germany as the song was hitting charts and creating massive wave throughout Europe. Always Alert the tour set sail and for 2 years in a row torch entered Germany and neighboring countries doing festivals such as Reggae Jam, Culture fest in Switzerland, YAAM Fes in Berlin and so much more coupling with some indoor venues where he performed with Giants like Gentleman and Chronixx the artist took the world on by storm delivering his hit song among many of his known songs
Indonesia, Iowa, and even in his country Jamaica he blazed the musical fire. Then it was time for something new his longtime friend and musical brothers Kurt Riley from Techniques Music, son of the late Winston Riley the great and Frankie Campbell from the most popular and well known for good quality music Frankie Music. They came together and he signed to both production in a union and hence the Project Torch Self reclaimed was born. Doing music with these brothers was never a rush it had to be done right so about a year after creating the project it was finally ready for release

Torch has always wanted to work with VP records as he’s on many of their Various Artistes vol. prods via Penthouse Records and other productions houses, and was so looking forward to the release of his debut EP album through VP Records, he anticipates sharing more of his music with the World, it became evident that the young star brings the fire and is destined for greatness when his first VP Records/Vpal (Torch Self reclaimed EP Album was released which is now a Grammy nominee. Don’t think that the Star has stopped there he has already done his next album which is the Book Of Love ready for a 2017 tour coupling with a lot of singles like Keep on moving with Gentleman, Hustle hard on the Money boss rhythm with Skilly Banks and of late production houses keep releasing torch upon torch such as Wicked Police, Step by Step and many more.

The Artist has his sight fixed on creating his own Recording Label and his own Publishing Company which he has already started working on his first self-owned production which is going to be called Feet On The Ground he’s also looking to start his own charity foundation as a way to try and end poverty as Jah said let the naked be clothed and the hungry be fed life is for living and giving the artist says and he’s dedicating his life to a greater change one love and stay bless.

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