Rhogue otherwise known as Annette Fraser was born to parents Olive & Denniston Fraser on October 17, 1990. Born and raised in Seaview Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica; upcoming Dancehall artist Rhogue has the outstanding potential to be the next hottest female artist in the Dancehall genre.

Growing up her routine was very basic from school to home and the occasional hangout with her brethren’s in which she has considered herself a ‘Tomboy’. She attended Pembroke Hall High School and participated in activities such as Netball and Softball. Her sister playing an influential role in her life became her role model and opened her eyes to the world; allowing Rhogue to be herself and gain the confidence to pursue music.

The unique name Rhogue was inspired by the thought of wanting to depict the ability to perform in any genre. She states: ‘Rhogue from xman would touch you and pull whatever power you have and make it her own. Mine is to tap into any genre and do a damn good job whether it’s Dancehall RnB, Soca you name it I can do it.’

Starting in 2011 Rhogue ventured into the music industry by competing in the Digicel Rising Star competition in which she came in fourth place. From there on she released her first single titled ‘Whine & Bruk Out’ featuring popular dancehall artiste Demarco. She also has two other songs with the artiste along with an unreleased single with Raytid. Rhogue’s roster of songs also include ‘All Eyes This Way’ off the 2015 BlahDaff Riddim, and ‘Life Ok’.

Rhogue’s energetic and exciting personality has no difficulty being heard through her music. She’s worked with producers like Frankie Music, Redboom, Jay Crazie and ZJ Ice. She’d like to continue to add to that roster by working with producers who have the same interest in putting in a maximum amount of effort to create a hit. Rhogue hopes the future consists of working with artists like Aidonia and producers such as SeanNizzle & TJ.

Her current focus going forward is working on a collection of singles to release a mixtape in the near future.


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