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April 22, 1987 saw the birth of a true star that would make a ‘Dipherence’ in the music industry. Formally known as ‘Heron Mclean’, this captivating artiste was born in Kingston, Jamaica but later moved to St Thomas, Jamaica where he attained his basic and primary level education. He attended the White Horses Basic School then the White Horses Primary School. He moved back to Kinston at age 11 where he finished his primary level education at Seaward Primary and Junior High then to the Tivoli Gardens High School. Dipherence is no amateur to the music business as he has been performing; even before he was a teenager. His first live performance was at the age of ten in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth. At that time he went by the stage name “Makka Tree”. His first song got released at the age of 13 on the ‘Jah and I’ production label called “War and Crime”.

His unwavering passion for music has lead him to participate in a number of local talent shows and as a result has garnered a fan base in Jamaica. Shows such as the Tastee Talent Show, Rising Stars and Magnum King and Queens of Dancehall where he made it to the live shows in 2014 and 2015. He has been featured in local newspapers such as the Gleaner and the Observer. Dipherence describes his music as groovy reggae with an injection of the dancehall flavor. He pulls musical inspiration from some of the greats including; including Garnet Silk, Tenna Saw and Sizzla Kalonji. His collection of music is very diverse and one will find there is a song for all age groups. He believes in positivity and channels that through his music. From ‘Jah a guide me’ and ‘Rough times’ which are motivational pieces to ‘Neva sell out’ and ‘Boh Yah’ the hardcore dancehall bombshells, he has a song for every occasion and every mood.

Dipherence prides himself in overcoming obstacles in life such as not being raised by his biological parents and becoming a father in his teens. He tries his very best to be a positive role model to those he comes in contact with and he believes that the changes he has made has enabled him to be a better version of himself today. Dipherence is on a mission to make his music heard all over the globe and with his talent and charisma that is inevitable.






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