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No matter the occasion, SSBA has the vast industry knowledge and contacts needed to successfully book an artist, plan your event and execute all the important details. To learn more about how we can help you,

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Still not sure what type of talent is Right for You? S S Booking Agency can help. Our agents can suggest a handful of popular acts for your Corporate Event, Private Party, Festival, Show, or Promotional Moment. Our Talent Booking Agents are here to help you with what you need.

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From R & B to hip hop. Pop to Reggae and everything in between, SSBA represents acts that will meet your entertainment needs



LINEN KINGLINEN KING Linen King’s New Song “Shake Dat”   Listen on Spotify! ...TORCHBefore Torch became the artiste that he is today, a variety of different events occurred in his life, propelling him to ...Carrie Mullings aka Mumma Canada  Multi Award Winning Radio Ambassador at VIBE105/President & CEO Rebel Vibez Entertainment Group Consultat...ADONVI“It was…

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jEWELZjEWELZ brings sounds of international flair, reflecting the core heart of hip hop both lyrically and melodically.  With...DIPHERENCEDownload Song     April 22, 1987 saw the birth of a true star that would make a ‘Dipherence’ in ...LINEN KINGLINEN KING Linen King’s New Song “Shake Dat”   Listen on Spotify!…

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Maddi MaddSUCCESS MADDI MADD’S Highly Anticipated Album MADDI MADD, deemed as one of the top MC’s in all of the Midwes...LINEN KINGLINEN KING Linen King’s New Song “Shake Dat”   Listen on Spotify! ...ADONVI“It was always music…” are the words of Adonvi born on April 2nd 1994; formally known as Joseph…

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